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    This night you and my sister

    So when I return I am king;

    And you will be the queen,

    Body will be two today, one soul!

    You teach me,

    And will show you!

    You will see from the lane,

    How did water fall out,

    I will show you

    I have as much manhood as possible.


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    In Narad, there is a very bad language sloganeering, and even on the hands of sadness, there is no women protest
    You do not have the courage to do it, but if you forget it, the job of the woman is taken away, you know that in Bangladesh
    What is the name of that organization?


    That’s no other than our country’s garment factories, which many of us say are garments
    We may not know that more than 80 percent of the garment workers in garment factories suffer from various forms of mental abuse, including threats and threats, and many times the factory men also suffer physical torture and torture of women.
    Have lived.


    After all this, despite the protest against torture, the workers were threatened to discharge their jobs. In this regard, Dr. Zakir Hossain, a teacher of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies of the University of Rajshahi University, has done this research with one of his colleagues. He says that the study of women workers in Dhaka and Gazipur More than 80 percent of women workers have been employed No harassment and violence or becoming victims. The majority of them are victims of oral abuse.


    In particular, women workers working in most garment factories in Paltan and Tejgaon areas of Dhaka do not want to talk about this matter. However, Dr. Zakir Hossain has said that after a brief interaction with several workers of those areas, one has agreed to talk to himself and some of his friends-colleagues. To give The condition is to keep their name and factory name confidential. Asked about their everyday experiences. They said that the chief and supervisor of the line of the parents raised the voice, the worst of the words. This is the reason that many people are forced to work, if they can not, they will not be able to torture themselves. But what about the labor law of Bangladesh? Asked about the rights of labor rights to Sultan Uddin Ahmed of the research firm Bilas. In the law, it is said that no one can say that at the place of work, no status of a woman is lost. But after complaints, they do not get any remedy, it is a big problem. Human rights organizations have been calling for a long time to take steps to stop physical and mental torture on workers in the garment factory. But no proper action has been taken so far. However, BGMEA workers of garment exporters organization Launched a hotline to hear the complaint, but the workers do not know about it There is no provision rakhanatei complaint.


    But the workers who can complain that the workers are taking measures in their context? Asked to be the manager of a garment factory named Aku Tex Group. He said that the case of dismissal of the accused officer has also happened in his factory. There is an invite box. The accusations submitted were cross-checked. There is a committee, as well as the workers have a committee, they are sitting together and see what the problem is. The verdict against which actually is proved, was deposed if it was proved. And I do not want to get it out. For the factory, this person is harmful. But, Mr. Sobhan acknowledged that most of the factories are not like his organization. So, at present, the government will have to come forward to stop the large number of workers working in the work force of 44 lakh garment workers who work in Bangladesh every day, as well as factory owners.

    Some of the following and the image of Sobhan Sahab was taken from BBC Bangla.


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    21 February International Mother Language Day in Bangladesh is not only the language of Bengali Language Speaker. February 21 is now a symbol of the defense of every language of the world. 




    I am proud of the Bengali language and language movement. But for this language, we have not only taught the language that we have donated the blood for proper evaluation of the language movement of other language people. In addition to Bangladesh, there has been a movement on language in different countries of the world. Somewhere somewhere hundreds of people gave their lives to defend their mother tongue movement.


    Our pride is mentioned in the 21st Century Mother’s Day speech and if those languages are left of those languages-martyrs. However, it will strengthen the spirit of the 21st century. The new generation will teach other languages to respect.


    21 Now is not only the language of Bangla language. 21 Now symbolizes the fight for the protection of every language of the world.


    If I can give respect, I can give respect to 16 June 1976 in South Africa, Madras (present day Chennai) in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in 1965, and various Native / Indigenous / Local Language Movement Movements in America. But Mother Language Day will become more meaningful.


    Supporting the movement for the rights of the languages of different languages of India, Burma, Pakistan, should be the promise of the current Mother Language Day.


    The Bengalis who went ahead in establishing the language rights of the Beyoncé briquettes, for the sake of bureaucratic complexity in their country, to stop the circulation of Bengal in all respects means to be detained in the barracks. The barricades will break in the interest of the use of Bangla language.


    The last thing we need to do is to come out of our culture of eye closing in our areas of regional languages of different regions and the initiative of protecting indigenous languages.


    Our martyrdom is not just a symbol of our Bengali language’s movement to defend. A symbol of support for the movement of all language rights around the world. So, respecting this monument I would like to say also.


    You know the fighters for the language.


    Wherever the war is on the mountain or in the balance, India, Pakistan, Burma, Vietnam, Fans or America. I and we support this language for language or for the purity of language. We are with you. I love your movement.

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      this reminds me of a friend who always complains of being called ‘Hausa’ because is from northern Nigeria. It is quite progressive. thumbs up!

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        Did your friend see or participate in Andalona?
        One of our only history is this
        The language of Andalon, which makes the whole world a hint for the mother tongue itself
        Bir Sahidara is giving life to life.
        Thank you good night


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          No she didn’t. She isn’t exactly an active member of the ‘defend what you believe in’ club.


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    Seeing the birth of some poems in the Bangladesh 21st February 


    I did not cry, I got the hang of the demand

    I did not cry, I came to demand the gallows, poetry is the first poem written on language movement. This poem is also called Ekushey Poetry. On 21st Feb, 1952, the poem was written by Bhashainik Mahbub Ul Alam Chowdhury. In the evening of February 21, 1955, in the procession of student-crowd in Dhaka demanded state language Bangla. In the evening, the poet poem Mahabub-ul-Alam Chowdhury wrote poetry written in Chittagong. Ekushey’s poem has mixed with the history of many sacrifices.



    Those who wanted to ban my mother language

    I demanded the hanging for them.

    For those who ordered this accident happened

    Demanding the hanging.

    Those who want to hang on this body

    The power has climbed to the seats

    For those traitors.

    I want to see them judge

    At that particular place in the open ground

    The convicted were shot in the arm

    My country wants to see


    They are forty or more

    The people who have died, under the sunny sunshine of Krishnachur tree

    For languages, for mother language, for Bangla

    The people who have died there

    For the dignity of a great culture of a country

    Alaol’s Tradition

    Kaikobad, Rabindranath and Nazrul

    For literature and poetry

    The people who have died there

    Palabpur Maqbool Ahmad

    For the punch, for the construction of Ramesh Shil

    For Jasimuddin’s Sojan Bundari Ghat

    Who gave life

    Bhatili Baul Kirtan Ghazal

    Nazrul ‘authentic than pure gold

    The soil of my country ‘


    O my dead brothers,

    On that day, your voice from silence

    Strong shout of freedom

    Will come out

    That day the people of our country

    The murderer is hanged on the hangar

    Hanging on

    Your hope will burn like a flame

    Revenge and the joy of victory.


    Alphabet, my sad alphabet

    -Shamsur Rahman

    Blinking flags like stars have been in my power.

    Mamta named Peet Province’s Shyamalima

    Roy always surrounds you closely

    Black nights in the post-pheayaye chaulai-childhood

    Madan Mohan argues that ‘birds are all robbers’

    The call was always in front of the call.

    You and I have been continuously compassionate,

    He turned his dances into the canyon, where all the kusumakali boiled

    All inclusive sign

    You are my companion,

    I gave you a dream bridge,

    That is why Trilok is today a sunanda ship, in my port.

    Seeing the muddy glass of water in the water

    In the hope of colorful fishes, it was cut by the rod.

    Remember, cut the design with scissors, cut paper and bottle caps

    When I am ‘smiling happy’ by ferry

    I reached the gate of the Ratnavipa compass.

    You come in my sleeping garden

    He jumped out of a huge tree

    Come down, come as a scabby, from the full clouds

    Shaking the ocean in the wheel,

    The farthest pathshala is similar to a green face

    Twice in the queue or chuckle-lips beating again and again

    How do you give up in the dreamland of Chaitanya?

    You have an eyebrow in my eyeballs.

    In the fire of war, the brutal killer

    In the rainy season, in rainy season

    Necklace of Urgent Nupur


    Hate with hatred, screams of despair

    Falgun to the creation, O my friends

    You are always awakened awake.

    If you are uprooted, tell me but what is mine?

    The killings of some young people of the 1973 Bahnouro

    I am proud to be proud of the cheerful grandfather. She is a petal of flowers today

    I will not tear anyone

    Now you are surrounded by a big orgy in the bedroom

    Now you have the dirty disgust with you

    Now you are surrounded by pistachios and pheasants.

    Look no further on your face today,

    Alphabet, my sad alphabet.



    February 1969

    Author: Shamsur Rahman

    In February 1969, the poem has sparked a protest movement. Here the poet gave importance to self-consciousness of the people. The general public was the tool of this protest. In this poem, the significance of the jiban’s philosophy was unveiled.

    The Pakistani rulers of 1969 were described in the poem by the brutal torture, autocratic attitude and inhuman cruelty, the destruction of Maonbikta in East Bengal.


    Looked forward again in the city of Kishchhura Thar

    How intensive it is Sometimes or never in the procession

    It seems like going to walk alone – not flowers, they are

    Martyr’s blood bubbles, full of membrane.

    Ekushey Krishnachura is the color of our consciousness.

    In contrast to this color there are other colors,

    The color that does not take good eyes, the color that brings terror

    In our daily routine we find ourselves in the morning and evening

    Now she is covered with paint, the whole country

    Evil assassin of the killer

    I and many people like me are just like me

    No one dies in the ghats of the ghats of night and day, half dead,

    Someone is very stubborn, bursting in a great revolution. Around

    The human garden, the Kamlaban is being tossed.

    I understand that in the nineteen nonsense

    Again the road to Salam, the flag made of zero,

    Barkat’s book on the front of the killer

    Salam’s eyes today in Dhaka,

    The face of salam is today Shyamal East Bengal

    I saw, on the highway, we all saw


    I looked like a star from Salam

    The indefinite alphabet

    And with bold utterance of blessing

    In the tears of sad mother still in the blood of the hero

    Flowers in the huge square of flowers

    In the heart valley of the heart. That flower is our life,

    Thrilled and joyous sunshine and shadow of sorrow



    What would you like me to give, give me?

    What would you like me to give, give me?

    Nirmalendu Quality


    I’ll be immortal under your feet,

    What would you like me to give, give me?


    Take this, my dowry, one-breasted blood promise

    Drying the unstable soul in the flood of water, I too will be flooded,

    Just chop the chopped hand once in the forehead.

    I will flutter in the water-space,

    Lift your feet down to the mountains.

    I’m going to be immortal, what will I give to you?



    Toe finger

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    The next day on the day of love, greetings, see who took the day of the good house

    How many members of your family,

    Someone did not mind the day they shared with them,

    Someone or her mother gave flowers to her love,

    Who gave the father or who gave the younger brother?

    Filled with a fist-shed,

    Or who your wife

    Today, I did not understand the misunderstanding,

    Maybe someone is there to give him more repetition.

    Someone or boyfriend primaaka greetings with letter magazine sms. Only love is in the center

    Not limited to. Come home for a good home. Those who did not love the poor at any time, they came to know about them. Will it be bad, will it be something to blame?

    Let’s keep the maternal love of the relatives and relatives of your relatives and relatives. Wake up in the society to express love to everyone today. Whichever way you know, but you have been passing from day to day, do not have any chance to tell you an anchor at work or office. You know that you know him well, knowing your good will be forever.

    If you find love from one of their places, you will see today’s life, your life has changed, which will give you a lot of things that can happen forever. Let’s spread love to everyone without being limited to love. Post by the end of the day, because today’s love day as desired!

    Maybe somebody did not – I was sitting badly. If this post comes in the future, if the Day of Love comes another way. Your love may be fulfilled

    See if you are a social worker, you will have a hundred vacation vacations. The sweet smell like the bhoomar runs in the flower of flowers is not limited to the day of the good house, but it does not agree to celebrate Eid on the day everyone is standing in one row. Today is the day of love with whom the ball gets mixed with it, you will not say it today unless it is not a person of the society. . You can not talk to your face for many days, say it today. Do not interrupt. If there is obstacles, forget about it. Come on yourself

    Spread the fragrance of love before you. Everyone is good. Good luck.

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    How did the Gazi of Shamsar of Golniya become the hero, Bhati Tiger, and Bangabir of Bengal? 


    Bangabir Shamser Gazi was a British anti-revolutionist and hero of the peasant rebellion of Roshnabad Pargana in Tripura. In 1757, he was well known as Bhati Tiger, who died while trying to resist the British colonial power. He was the first to be killed in the form of colonial power after Shamser Gazi Nawab Sirajuddaula. Bangabir Shamser Gazi was born in Chaglania upazila of Feni district of present-day Bangladesh. His father’s name was Pir Muhammad Muhammad Peer Muhammad Khan and mother’s name was Kaiyara Bibi. He was a Zamindar slave in his early life. Kaira Bazar, situated in front of Chaglania in Feni, goes towards the 7-kilometer Chittagong bound for Grand Trunk Road. Here the name of the village is Kaiyara. This Kaira village is named after the name of Kaira Bibi. Kaira Bibi is the mother of Shamsher Gazi. Shamsher Gazi is called Bhati Tiger. His father’s name was Pir Mohammad. Pir Mohammad was a rent collector. For some reason, he left the job and moved to the area of ​​Vaidarabad with his wife. When he was financially distressed, Naseer Mun Chowdhury, a charitable person of the maidan, gave him a shelter. Shamser’s Gazi was buried in that house. Shamsher Gazi’s childhood was diverse. At a very young age, he became a father-in-law. In spite of a lack of family, the boy Shams had a very difficult nature. One day he was crying on the bank of the river Feni by eating his mother’s scowl. Then, Shivalpur talukdar Jagannath Sen saw Shamser. With kindness, he took Shamsar to Shuvpur. Talupdar of Shubpur did not have any children. There, in the affection of affection, Gomes grew up and Shamser Gazi As well as education, wrestling, stick play, arrows become skilled in bows. He also took courses in different subjects.


    After the death of Talukder Jagannath Sen, young man Shamser Gazi started collecting rent in Shuvapur. Begins its emergence At that time, he built a strong force to stop thieves and pirates. Gazi’s army commander was his cousin, Chadu Paloyan. In 1739, when the commander of Tripura Maharaj, entered Shamser’s Gazi area, they were arrested and imprisoned in the resistance of the chaplain. The Maharaja of Tripura recognized him as the legitimate zamindar of Gazi Kshatkhanik on condition of the release of his commander.


    Shamsher Ghazi was a prajadardi. He suffered a huge loss of crops on pahariya pavement and he waived a year’s rent for the farmers and said that the rent for the next three years can not be given to the Rajas. In this, the Tripura king was angry and sent about 7,000 soldiers to evict Ghazi. The result is the opposite. Leaving the palace to defeat the miserable defeat in the jungle. A large part of the state of Tripura came to the Gazi of Shams. During the reign of Shamser Gazi, the capital of Tripura was in Udaypur. However, he was mostly at the foothills of Raghunandan hill in his main fort and in the palace at Chompoknagar in Jagannath Sonapura, situated in Feni river.


    Through the peasant movement he took possession of zamindari. Tripura Raja, who was opposed to the anti-people activities, was arrested. The fight begins. Bhati tiger is roaring. In the battleground, Bhukhanaanga jumped with the farmers. Hirakdana is a battleground with the battle of the turmoil Jupan Bir Shamsher An indestructible soldier, overwhelming handicap, became the enemy to destroy the enemy. Took control of the throne. Tripura ruled the state an era of successive era.


    The Englishman Beniarah became cornered by him. The border area of ​​India, in Chamchankar, Chaglaniyah, is a place for Gazir’s memorial of Shams. Here is the tunnel of Shamsher Gazi, Gazir Dighi of Shams and many more. But the ruins of many important structures, including its palace, have been divided between India and Tripura. After the Battle of Palashi in mid-1775, Murshidabad’s political paradox was changed. At the time of such a disaster in Bengal, the local Kuchakri Mahal, the representative of the Nawab of Dhaka, the English Benniya and the defeated, King of Tripura, merged and gathered together against Shamsher Ghazi. Shamser Gazi’s patriotism and courage were frightening English and the local brothels. In the name of the Nawab, the English originally conspired by the East India Company’s fire brigade and the hill tribes under the leadership of Yuvraj Krishnamikari attacked Gazi’s fort and Udaypur in Shamsher and defeated and captured Gazi. They were so angry that the king of Tripura sent thousands of soldiers with elephants and made Shamsar’s Gazi palace ruined in Champaknagar. After being defeated by the Champaknagar war, they fled to the hiding again. On one hand, he is a brave hero, prajaadaradi king, wise politician, on the other hand, Munkara Panshiwala. He came out of the hiding early in the night after hearing the tunes of the bamboo. His death was left unresolved

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    World Cup Football & Boudi Series 18+ 


    World Cup football and boudi series-1

    Seeing the amazing game of Japan, Boudi of the next house said,
    “It does not matter if you know to play.
    How small but how beautiful they are!

    World Cup football and boudi series – 2

    Susan Vavnav Boudi, who was awakened from sleeping in the next house after hearing the Bengali commentary on TV.
    “Ishish! And just a little while …”

    World Cup football and boudi series – 4

    Seeing the coaches of the coach outside the field, Boudi commented on his grandfather and said:
    “Look like you are, you can not play in the field as far as the crowd is out of the ground”

    World Cup football and boudi series 3

    When the Mexican players tried to hit Neymar again and again, they said bogey lips,
    “Naughty, only falls. When standing?”

    World Cup football and boudi series – 5

    Boudi, who was shocked to get out of Brazil’s World Cup after losing to Belgium, said, “Is Ish … got out so quickly?”

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    Rotten bus
    In formalin,
    The country is filled
    Day by day

    Real fake
    Zaina knows,
    High prices
    Being bought

    In the name of juices
    Fun of poison,
    Eating everyone
    Not to be burdened.

    With Hama
    Will take it
    When suddenly

    So do not worry
    Poison products,
    Have to live
    For yourself

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      We Bengali peoples are facing terible
      Problem by formalin used foods.
      Different kinds of vegetables,fruits and even in fish having with formalin
      Almost every product in our country have a question is pure though there have trade mark of concern authority.


      • BLOG BANGLA MAIL 1:07 pm on July 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        In fact, if our Bangladeshi government has to stop this poisonous formalin
        If you took any quotation then it would have been possible to stop it. And in the society it’s there
        Many lived in silent lives too.


    • Azraa 1:45 pm on July 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      *is it pure


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    The favorite team has scored the goal 

    brishtibindu-1530924483-9592789_xlargeGoggles are small
    Walking on foot,
    Finish the size
    The air filled the face.

    These legs are on the legs
    Kick fights,
    Do not win the win
    There is no separation.

    Momentarily shout
    Goal round,
    The winning team
    Sunny all

    The favorite team has scored the goal
    Sounds of weeping
    Water pours in the head
    Those who suffer from fever

    If you are defeated
    The head of the big,
    Body pain

    Shaking in mania
    Today the whole country,
    Sleep has exploded
    Not his lash.

    Cup will take abusive
    Jump up you
    Who will hear the profit?

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    Eid Mubarak 

    Eid greetings, Eid greetings to all the brothers and sisters of WordPress!
    After the fasting days of Ramadan fasting on the 29th day of Ramadan
    A drop of joy came down. Wish all the holy Eid al-Fitr

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    my facbook link and my pic

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    The news of a murder, then ……. (story) 

    Tapan Raihan has been very busy all day. He is a teacher of the university. But today’s busyness is another reason. She attended the International Organization for Teaching Children’s Education and Residences. About seventy kilometers away from the district town. The area is very remote, surrounded by high mountains. A seminar on the importance of distributing education materials for Khasia and Manipuri children and acquiring elementary education through the alphabet of their own language was a seminar all day long. She is accompanied by two foreign correspondents, one more Bangladeshi, who all work on child psychology and child rights.

    He did not have internet connection during the whole day. Google, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook are the oxygen of this era. Especially Facebook, whose newsfood feature is his favorite. That’s why Tapan Raihan followed the world’s leading news media, so that the world came together in one hand. In a short space, all important news is available. There is also news of the country’s main TV and magazines. Today, when he came home, rubbing his face, he started talking to the newsfeed on the WiFi on Facebook and after seeing the notifications of Facebook.

    The New York Times title, a friend of a friend of mine shot to death in San Francisco, killing more than 100 The BBC’s headline, the air strike of the Alliance killed 53 people, including 16 children in Syria (including pictures of injured / killed children). Headlines of Arab News, 147 people executed this year in Saudi Arabia. Manila bulletin report, so far 23 thousand people die in the crossfire of President Rudritch Entrate Drug War. The title of Japan Today, North Korea has successfully tested the three Missile missile capable of attacking the mainland of China, from China border. Brazil’s Rio Times reports, an average of six thousand acres of Amazon jungle erosion every year. The title of the punched Nigerian, three villages in the Landwand in Boko Haram attack on the northern border of the Northern Moon. 345 killed 214 kidnapped girls.

    Tapan Raihan does not get better The enthusiasm that has entered Facebook has swept it away. The mind has become very bad. He can not accept the news of kidnapping, bombardment of children, death of cross fire and execution of human beings. The eyes of both eyes started to grow. Suddenly the eyes were stuck in a small head; The headline “called from home and hacked the young man”. It is reported in the news story that on the evening of the incident, there was talk of motorcycle parking between the two sides. Later, the other side grabbed the son of Samir from the front of the house and raped him half-a-kilometer away in a deserted house. Preparations are underway in the police station, police are investigating the suspects. But no one has been arrested till now.

    Tapan Raihan accidentally shocked the boy’s eyes and saw shock. Looks like the boy does not know. The image was taken in the darkness of the night, and the face was slightly blurred. The boy is either Samir Roy! It is understandable to read more details of the incident and it is not left to be killed, this boy is Samir Roy. His very familiar. Very adorable But there is no relation between friends or relatives, with him. Can you say the relatives of souls? Tapan Raihan cried with a beaming voice When she heard crying, she came running from the kitchen and wondered what had happened to you? No bad news —-! In the last three years of married life, she first saw her husband crying like this. It’s a surprise to say


    1. Approximately one and a half years ago, Tapan Raihan was introduced to Samir Roy. After coming out of the grocery store on the big road, Samir bowed and asked, how is your grandfather? He was a little surprised. I could not think of seeing the boy before. And if you are your student at the university, do not call grandfather. Yet on the day of gentleman replied; Yes i’m good how are you? I do not know anyone, but I have to recognize that sometimes people have to show you that you know. Tapan Raihan did so on that day.

      Samir Rai’s face with a light beard, a fair and gorgeous face The age of the twenty-four will be twenty-five. Very happy and smart Often the evening was seen in the mouth of the lane, the mercury was exchanged. I remember one day he was dragging a cigarette in the evening, suddenly he dropped out of the cigarette after reading him face-to-face. His face was red in shame. Tapan Raihan had noticed in the eye of the issue. The day that I came to pretend not to see.

      Such a decent boy is in this age? Tapan Raihan was surprised to wonder. He had seen many students of the university publicly in the cigarette / Ganja campus. Even many of our students Everybody dame care. The idea is that you are a sir and a Pioneer Bapu campus is ours. It’s not in the classroom. Therefore no problems.

      His name was known by Samir Roy, after a lot of the first identity. One day, Tapan Raihan was drinking tea at the tea stall, suddenly where Samir came from. Tapan did not want to sit at the Raihan sit, he wanted to go and exchange. Tapan Raihan ordered a cup of tea by sitting on the side and forced another cup of tea.

      • To know the identity of many days limited to the exchange of merchandise, but not so?

      Tapan Raihan asked to give a sip of tea.

      • That’s right, grandfather.
      • Are you still studying, not a job?

      I passed BA and did not study. Now work on a private company. And you will be happy to address me, grandfather.

      • Good. Who is there in the family?
      • Baba was a freedom fighter. Now the mother in the family


    1. After finishing the cooking, the wife returned to Farjana and Tapan Rayhan was still sitting quietly. Tapan Raihan stopped him from leaving the TV on the remote and paying attention to the story of Star Jalsar’s ‘Wife’s mother-in-law’.

      • Look, I decided to go to the United States to study more about the holidays.
      • What are you saying? Two years ago, Sweden did a PhD on child psychology from Sweden.

      Now, I’ll do PhD on adult psychiatry. Why do people get murdered when they grow up, why kill innocent people by bombing, why fight for war, why make funerals, why others take possession of the property, why do not want to take all the credit without doing anything, etc. I will now study.

      • It’s hard to understand your motivation. Suddenly the madness has risen !! Study again at this age?
      • There is no age for studies, Farzana. And what I’ve read for so many years now seems like it was wrong. Actually – there was a lot.

      “The killers of the people who have lost their psychology, have studied with the psychology of psychology and now want to correct it.”

      Farzana haha ​​left her husband’s face; Tapan Rahan’s face looked like a violent black bear, and the eyes would admit the bright and sharp eyes of the black cats sitting in the dark whirlwind. Her fierce appearance was never seen by her husband.

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    Today’s feature story is an air travel experience 

    There was no movement in the airplane until it was in London. For this reason, I felt excited about the first ride. The flight from Dhaka to London starts from Dubai and can fly to Dubai via London. The prospect was to get the seat next to the window. But the situation of a dubious gentleman’s seat was a bit of a bad one. Even then, I could see the external world as far as possible. Although there are windows in the name, they were like small glass vents of glass, so there was no scope to see anything in it. We reached Dubai almost three and a half hours.

    When the plane flew to the sky after the break in Dubai, I noticed that the next seat was empty. After getting the gentleman in Dubai, there was no new one. Suddenly, I sat beside the window. The big wings of the aircraft, like the eagle bird, are flying on us without any hesitation. The bottom white row of white clouds like cotton rows below. It seemed to be another earth between the earth and the sky. There is no wild animal, no animal birds. No racket There is no murder, no traffic, no greed. It is like the clouds of the kingdom of Paradise. The world is also more varied. Here flowers flourish, thousands of birds do not know the name of the sun, there is the happiness and sorrow of people, the emotions-feelings Still the world seems cruel. Yes, we have stigmatized the world of the human race step by step. Man has killed people. Looted the wealth of others. Destroy the beauty of nature. Millions of people have died in war and militancy, which are still going on. Continuing to increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

    When the plane was flying through the mountainous regions of Iraq and Turkey, it seemed as if there was a populated world. Because the day was rowdy, so much less was seen in the world. It is basically the Kurdish adjacent area. Which was once called Kurdistan (Kurdis are still Kurdistan). Pakistan – This region stretches from Iran to Iran-Iraq-Turkey. Many tribal communities have lived in this region for hundreds of years. Thinking of this incredible beautiful hill cliffs of Pakistan and Afghanistan, how was the birth of a terrible Taliban militant in nature? Beautiful people in the middle of nature are not to be violent !! So, to make this mountain a hell, to simplify the simple and beautiful people, some people of the religion, and the message of the coat tying capitalism, has made militants in their own interest? I do not know, can not match accounts. When the plane crossed the Red Sea and entered the country of Eastern Europe in Romania, everything seemed different. How to make everything look beautiful, nicely Smaller vehicles are moving at large streets. The large size of the long loaded lorries were seen in large numbers. Where there are plants and gardens, there are only beautiful rows of trees. Although they were artificially produced, they looked very beautiful. The landscapes of the beautiful park and the farming land were also noticed. However, these lands are not cut into small pieces like us. Each area seemed to be a single land. Where wheat is cultivated, wheat is only Although flowers and fruit are cultivated. It was amazing to see the settlement of the people. We do not have sparsely populated habitations. People’s settlements are built together in specific plans. The cities also seemed to be planned and tidy. Although it is hard to tell completely from the very bottom of the story, it seems to be well-organized, artistic.

    The same situation was seen in the airspace in Hungary, Austria, Germany and France.


    But the roads and gates of Western Europe were very busy, compared to the previous. The cities are a bit larger than they are. But looking at the homes, it was like Eastern Europe. Beautiful park, huge stadium, busy airports are all sighted. As the plane moved towards the west, the countries looked like tidy and decorated.

    When the plane crossed the English Channel in France, hundreds of small big ships were seen. The ships looked so beautiful in the blue waterside of the ocean, that it is not possible to express genuine language. Slowly the plane entered the airspace of England. The mike has been invited – we have now entered the airspace of England, after a little while we will land in Heathrow in London.

    After entering the sky in London, the plane started to circled a lot below, so the house, offices and courts were all seen in the spots. The Thames River was very beautiful in the middle of London. The beautiful beautiful steamer and tourist boat was running in the river. The water from above looked also transparent. Surprisingly, the two sides of the river are very beautiful paved. There are two huge huge roads. About 30 minutes of landing on the London sky, due to delayed landing of the landing. But I did not feel bored at all. I asked myself why so many bridges, beautiful surrounded ecosystems, well organized traffic, parking lots, buildings, busiest but beautiful big cities, and how big was the British built? Heathrow Airport is such a huge, so busy. There is no more jouulus. Arrange everything sorted, orderly. Hetro is the busiest airport in the world. Here is an airplane in every two and a half minutes. Stansted near London, Gateway is equally busy. However, city airports in Luton, South End and London are not less busy. Every five minutes an airplane can fly at City Airport. However, the planes are small in size. Travels only in Europe. There are private airlines. All airlines’ aircrafts in the world land every day in some London airports. I do not think how they have done so many disciplined responsibilities. Just as landing money every year thousands of crores of rupees get British government.

    Apart from that, many airlines have traveled to Hithro to visit Asia and Europe in the North and South American countries. I got out of the plane just a few minutes by crossing the immigration cross. It took about two hours for the surprise to immigrate to Dhaka. Although thousands of passengers were allowed to travel every hour, but I did not imagine how they served so fast. We did not have to wait for the baggage. Underground station right below the airport. London’s subway airport is spread in every area of ​​London with a net. However, there is a taxi / cab arrangement.

    There is a saying in our society that if a boy’s shoes is polished, tidiness will make the boy look good. I do not know how true or false it is. But man’s cleanliness, dress and grooming, a lot can be guessed about how a person might be. I guess the whole of Europe is beautiful and well organized. However, we also got the authenticity of the guess at a later time.
    Europeans have been working for hundreds of years now in this position. Many renovations, hard work and revolution are today’s rich and prosperous Europe. Although many European countries have colonized and tortured, tortured and looted many countries of the world. Yet there is no scope for denial. They have played an important role in the development of the countries during colonial rule. There is no scope for denial of Europeans contribution to global education, health and research. Their contribution to infrastructure development, communications, trade and commerce, and globalization also contributed to the overall development. Today’s United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand is its great example. Besides, Europeans contributed to the development of South Africa, Brazil and Argentina. Europeans were basically businessmen. For this reason, other countries were governed, but the development of their own country and nation was their original purpose. One of my friends whose house is located in the Rajshahi region of Bangladesh. His wife is Bulgarian Working together in London, their identity, exchange of ideas. The final result is marriage. She came from Bulgaria with her wife and asked what the country looks like? The ballo is as good as the north, so quiet and tidy. The country is very nice and clean, very clean. He was a little surprised to hear his words. Because Western Europe countries are still economically backward in the countries of Eastern Europe. Since many European countries are in the European Union, many European countries can go to the rich countries of Western Europe without any visa. Bulgaria is a member of the EU which is benefitted from this opportunity.

    Europe’s rulers do not think of the owners of their own countries as the rulers of our sub-continent. They manage themselves as a skilled manager. In their eyes the country is an institution whose owners are the people. For this reason, they manage the country with a skilled hand, so that people’s trust and confidence can be realized. If it fails or fails, it may move or move in the democratic process. When a business / service sector is owned by a single owner, whose owner and director is one, it can not be a large profitable company in any situation. Because there is no accountability and accountability, the will of the owner is real. The state can not be operated with the sentiment of false emotions, rhetoric and occupation. The state machinery requires talent, skill and proper planning.SSSSS4
    Charlie Chaplin’s movies were recorded almost a hundred years ago, but it is seen that London’s vast landmass, wide sidewalks. There are still huge sidewalks in the streets of London. In some places the sidewalk is bigger than the roads. They do not have a five-year plan to bulk their pockets like us. They have plans for at least 100 years. They are so fond of such meritorious. Most of the mercenaries in these countries are doing politics. And most of the intellectuals of our country are not far away from politics, we do not even talk about politics about the fear of respect. Although the nomination of the parliamentary elections dared, they were confiscated for most of the time. Just like the country, the voter !!

    The practical example of how a change in a business / service sector is experienced by skilled managers, BTV and country’s top local private television channels. In the case of government banks and private banks of the country, the same example can be given. In the case of government airlines and railways, the same changes were seen in the hands of a skilled manager. In our country’s traditional democratic process, we have seen epitap, opeet of currency. So we do not want the toss democracy. We do not need a much less bad ruler in the worst. Need a skilled manager ..




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    For me, a 30-year-old girl friend 

    DSC07907swFor me, a 30-year-old girl friend
    Those who are interested will be friends who are interested
    They call this offer 01965211911

    But the other thing I want but my son is my daughter friend.
    Interested commentators can post comments.

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    The Hundred is a Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History. (The world’s 100 greatest human) 


    The Hundred is a Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, called The 100 A Ranking of the Most Influencial People in History in English. So that there are a list of 100 most influential people in history. Michael H. Hart was composed and published in 1978 and Punkarmudrita in 1992. It is a ranking of 100 people considered to be Heart. According to the heart, the list of the most influential people in human history is collected.
    The first person in the heart’s list is the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Messenger of Islam, which is a somewhat debatable election. Heart asserted that Muhammad was both a religious and secularist, the highest successful human being in both sides. He believed that Muhammad’s role in the development of Islam was much more influential than the cooperation of Jesus in the development of Christianity. He specializes in the development of St. Paul’s Christian Development, who played a central role in its campaign.
    Below is the list of the names of one hundred humans
    1. Prophet Muhammad, Arab reformer
    2. Isaac Newton Physicist
    3. Jesus / Jesus is the Prophet of Christians and Muslims
    4. Founder of Gautam Buddha Buddhism
    5. Confucius Confucianism Launcher
    6. St. Paul Christian Reformer
    7. Psychedelic
    8. Yohan Gutenberg Memajukan mesin percetakan; memperkenalkan percetakan Bible
    9. Christopher Columbus America’s Location Detector
    10. Albert Einstein Physicist
    11. Louis Pasteur Penicillin Detector
    12. Galileo Galilei astronomer
    13. Aristotle is a story writer, philosopher, scientist
    14. The father of Euclidean geometry in Euclid Gin
    15. Moses / Moses is the Prophet of the Jews, Christians and Muslims
    16. Charles Darwin’s father of evolution
    17. Shih Hung Ti The Maharaja of China
    18. Augustus Caesar Roman Emperor
    19. Nicholas Copernicus astronomer
    20. Antonio Lavivesi Chemistry, Economics and Logistics Specialist
    21. Constantine Roman Emperor is also the chief priest
    22. James Watts Steam engine detector
    23. Michael Faraday Ahli fizik, kimia dan penemu aruhan magnet-elektrik
    24 James Clark Maxwell Ahli fizik, penemu spektrum elektromagnet
    25. Martin Luther Pengasas mazhab Protestan and Lutheranisme
    26. George Washington Presiden Perthama Amerika Syarikat
    27 Karl Marx Pengasas Marxisme, Komunisme Marxisme
    28 Right Brothers
    29 Genghis Khan Penakluk Mongol
    30. Adam Smith Ahli ekonomi, falsafah, menerangkan kapitalisme, pangarang The Thoery of Moral Sentiments
    31. Edward de Verte / William Shakespeare Sasterawan, Juga Menulis 6 months ago
    32. John Dalton Ahli kimia, fizik, teengan teori atom and hukam dolton (Hukum Dalton)
    33. Alexander Penakluk, Putera Makedonia
    34. Penakluk, Napoleon Bonaparte, maharaja, French
    35. Thomas Alva Edison Pencipta mentol lampu, fonografi, dll.
    36. Antony von Lewenhauck memperkembangkan mikroskop, mengkaji hidupan mikroskopik
    37. William T.G. Morton Perintis anestesiologi (pelalian)
    38. Golyllmo Marcini Pereka radio
    39 Adolf Hitler Penakluk, Peneraju Kuasa Paksi from Perang Dunia Kedua
    40. Plato Pengasas fahaman Platonisme
    41. Oliver Cromwell is a member of the British Political and Political Parties
    42 Alexander Grahamblick Pencipta telefon
    43. Alexander Fleming Penemu penisilin, ahli bakteriologi, imunologi and kemoterapi
    44 John Locke Ahli falsafah dan fahaman liberal
    45. Ludwig van Bethovan Ahli muzik and pengarang lagu
    46. Warren Heisenberg Penemu Mekanik kuantum, princeip ketidakpastian, katua program noklear Nazi Jerman
    47 Lucy Daguerre Penemu / pencipta fotografi
    48. Simon Bolivar wira kebangsaan Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Equador dan Bolivia
    49. Rene Decker Ahli matematik and falsafah rasional
    50 Michael Angelo Ahli seni, pelukis, arkitek and pengukir

    51 Paj Urban 2 Menyeru Perang Salib pertama
    52 Omar Ibn al-Khattab Khalifah kedua, meluaskan empayar Islam
    53. Ashok Raja is India’s most famous man, Buddha
    54 Saint Augustine Ahli agama Kristian awal
    55 William Harve Mengembangkan sistem kitaran darah, menulis as well as embryologic moden
    56. Ernest Rutherford Ahli fizik, perintis fizik subatom
    57 John Kelvin Pembentuk semula Protestan, pengasasn Calvinisme
    58 Gregor John Mendel Memperkenalkan genetik Mendelian
    59 Max Planck Ahli fizik dan pakar termodinamik
    60 Joseph Lester Menemui antiseptik
    61. Nicolas August Auto Membina pembakaran 4 lejang pertama
    62 Francisco Pijero Penakluk Sepanyol of Amerika Selatan and Menewasan Kaum Inca
    63 Hernando Mets Menguasai Mexicans, Separated from the Aztek
    64. Thomas Jefferson US President Syarikat
    65 Queen Isabella 1 Pemerintah Sepanyol yang mengizinkan Christopher Columbus belayar
    66. Joseph Stalin Pemimpin Revolusi Kesatuan Soviet
    67. Julius Caesar Penakluk, diktator Rom
    68. William C. Penalcuk Penakluk, mengasaskan England moden
    69. Sigmund Freud Mengasaskan sekolah psikologi / psikoanalisis Freudian
    70 Edward Jenner Penemu Vaksinasi bagi campak
    71. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen Penemu Sinar X
    72 Johann Sebastien Bach Ahli muzik, penggubah lagu
    73. Lao pu pengasas fahaman taoisme
    74. Voltaire Penulis d

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