Bob Dylan’s song: Two Night and Will Be Stealing Hair with You

I'm here with you tonight (To Night Is Will Be Stealing Hair With You) Throw train tickets to the window Remove the suitcases too Put the worries out of the door Now they do not need one Because I'm here with you tonight. In the morning, I left the city and left But suddenly I … Continue reading Bob Dylan’s song: Two Night and Will Be Stealing Hair with You

Solicitation of waiting.

The rising of the winter stream is rising In this lonely time only the unrest, In the book of poetry, winter is accustomed Warming solidarity with cold! Fuzzy past like fog Eyes are seen in Ozbarbaar, Exhortation of a painless, painful one Only the wound spells the intestine, the buzz !! Fears wake up tomorrow, … Continue reading Solicitation of waiting.

The last day of the day of change has changed

Millions of walls in this world that are scary They never got fair money The price of fair sweat did not get They always have their own moneylenders. Understanding this is the calculation Understanding this is the fate of the poor poor days of humankind Ever try not to burn even hundreds of efforts They … Continue reading The last day of the day of change has changed

Ghostly revenge

Kamran Bhaban also saw plenty of serials alongside cinema. As a result, it was often seen that the movie or serial started to see, Kamran's brother had seen it before. Kamran Bhai's habit was to say that the movie was a finishing or original twist, so the fun of watching the whole movie could have … Continue reading Ghostly revenge

Pushak story: Guest

Turning the keys to open the door, suddenly I saw a guy sitting on the stairs.   Everyday it is late to come home from the office after a huge jam. If you reach home after a tired journey, you can stay on the bed in some way. In such a situation, there is never … Continue reading Pushak story: Guest

Short story: Rat racing

Hey, Zakir? The headphone has just been removed from the ear, I heard someone calling me by name. I see Rashik, childhood friend. -Or, what is the rashmata mama? What's the news? Rashik ran and ran. -Alhamdulillah, I'm fine. What about you It's going to leave. When is the country? -It's, twenty-one It was a … Continue reading Short story: Rat racing