Poetry eye spell

The sky has fallen into the eyes of today's peak Belly's ear is in the ear How much water is in the sea? Look at my breast Darkness and water, The twenty-ocean ocean will be found. You can also get one hundred and sixteen deserts. The thirsty sand is thirsty than the chest Thirsty hunger … Continue reading Poetry eye spell

You blue girl

I say to you, woman You read the blue sari, I'm fascinated by this, Sent you home, Cash with hand money Sweet potato with soup, If you agree, The caller, Confess you will say I will serve you as a barber, I am Playing Sunny, Sasabe married home Will be Basar, Between the honey mix, … Continue reading You blue girl

In the creation of love-seeking creator, You have your future.

On that day your eyes will be pleasing, You will find refuge in relatives, Painful crying chest eyes; He - the victory of the death of lifeless screaming. Fear of trembling self-hearted harmony, Due to the left of life is only loss, Failure to tarnish if it happens; What does the ball look like? In … Continue reading In the creation of love-seeking creator, You have your future.

You have to leave – Destination

Cloud cloud is today's sky, The sun has hidden in fear somewhere, in darkness Rudder is covered! The day is bright, He is frozen in the joy of the clouds! Inside the inside, the tears flow in the heart Eye-bank of the river! No trouble, no excitement You have to leave today! A-telescope How painful … Continue reading You have to leave – Destination

The fall of man is his imitation life

The king's son, the king's daughters, the princess and the princess, But why people say so? You are the treasure of my seven kings, You are my Manik, Hirah and Ratan, Truth is false, falsehood is true, there is no action of humanity, there is only the word of mouth. Hinges and pride are two … Continue reading The fall of man is his imitation life