Recite love in one’s mind.

The chase is repeatedly minded So today my heart is in despair. It was sad that Niljana was there He's lost today too Who does not have the last address The pain of losing love is gone. How lucky i am A little girl's chest is a little space.   What was wrong, what was … Continue reading Recite love in one’s mind.

I die of sweet water thirsty

The rust of the chest is dry and the desert is dry Like a dry heart blood clot in the blood One piece of dead stone. Anybody dead Anybody before anybody later Anybody outside of the house Anybody in the dark circles They have their hot water in hot water There is no cold water … Continue reading I die of sweet water thirsty

You do not mind him ?

  Are you in the house? The house that was in the door without windows, Please keep in mind that the rental of the house As much as you do, On that day, The rest of the transaction will not be available. Glow mind lightens, Wash and clear, clean There is dirty black in your … Continue reading You do not mind him ?