“Unfinished conversation”


Boy- Like to be like you ..! You have to say .. you better ..?


Girl – if not as good, it can not be lived exactly the same.


Son … how many times after you called that name …


Girl – why are you not good?


Boy- I do not have to stay that good.


Tell the girl to you?


Boy- you are not with me..that is what I say …


Girl-fool will not talk foolish What do I mean? I die? Or do not you say I’m not in the leap? Whatever, but it is wrong.


I do not want to be leaped on the boy.


Girl- What is it? Force? Do you understand


I do not understand .. and understand.


What are the girls? At least tell me the truth. Do you have so much hesitation?


Boy..hah..hah ..


Girl-laughter I said? !!!!!!!!!!


I know that .. You know, you know.


Girl- I’m very puzzled, I can speak the truth with the face. I do not like the veil Words do not hide. The problem is I’m weak. And very helpless.


Boy- And the advantage is..I know that too …


You know the horses and horses.


Boy – Well, hear .. Where are you listening ..!


Girl- listening ..


Boy-love u


Girl- It is very easy to know, which does not make me feel uncomfortable. I do not have the ability to handle it.


Boy- Oops, Bap..It’s a tough thing..but it means but two .. I reply to you two different perspectives.


Girl – Give me


My son, which is unknown to me. It is my surrender, or the future of the last split of your disappearance. I do not know whether you are my Azatatuku And on the other hand, it is said to say that .. you know me- I know..and understand that we avoid the matter carefully .. from the beginning to today..thina ..?


Girl-tacu is right. But I do not know how to express my inability.


If I tell you, I do not know what I know. But what should I say ..?


Girl-know how? I did not say anything to anyone.


Boy- everything is not to say


Girl- Do you know who I love a boy?


The boy wants to know the simple confession or the previous …… kas .. what ..?


Girl – straight straight


Boy – I know … from the beginning.


Girl – how much love you know? How to know Did she say something to you?


Boy – very wise pattern of question .. Like illusion U really grown up dear


Girl-and you were always


No-no .. No one told me anything .. I always understand a little bit.


The girl – leaving throat in all, she wanted to call her by name. Yet. To know that?


Boy – I always wanted to stay in leap with the prostitute .. I knew it too .. But even though he or you … nobody told him or me something …


Girl – whom she loved so much?


Boy- everything is not to say..mam


Girl- But I want to say that too !!


Boy, only when he speaks with his face, he is able to say, and the voice becomes full ..?


Girl – No, nothing is happening in me.


The boy – as much as I understand .. It always says that .. where is anyone ..?


Girl – That’s it .. How do i know now


Boy – how ..


Like a dead man


Boy- My food is not too much a hobby ..?


Girl – you really hit me?


Boy- Do not always know .. Marry ..


The girl is afraid to know. It is doubtful sometimes


Boy- not bad. Because it is also the element of love-ingredients.


Girl – Do you know whether she loves me?


Boy – as far as know … yes … more than itself


Girl – she gets you telling me the story? His house is full of light.


The boy is not a lie .. But .. the light of the light and the light of Jonakpoka knows the life of the life he knows.


Girl- the day I die she will cry?


Boy- one day he refused to cry for himself every day and you are thinking of killing him every day .. What is your …?


Girl – She’ll live a thousand years, her daughter-in-law, keep her in the light outside. The junkies fall into the trap of the spider easily, and die of suffocating.


Boy- It’s a very wrong thing. I did not expect such a strange idea from you. Listen, Jonaki never spies on a spider’s web.


Girl- I myself is unreasonable myself. There is no reason behind my own existence.


Boy- And besides, why are you thinking about this? He has been sitting till the ceiling of his house ..!


Girls – How do you know that ceiling goes? Do not know, you can not think.


I do not want to know .. I want to know … Confirming the responsibility to inform …


Girl, leave them. I’m fine Very good


Boy- That’s the old formula … Do you – me …


Girl – are you really good? Really tell me.


Boy – According to Formula .. I’m pretty good … Can not be better than this …


Daughter-in-law And without the formula?


Boy – Without Formula ..? Keep eyes in the mirror .. Keep the eye in your eyes and then close your eyes .. you will hear my answer …


Girl-wife is sometimes frying?


Boy- It’s so good to cook nowadays .. Even after the end of the meal in the greed of the office, I still lament sitting still without getting the place to go anywhere … Ah … What a taste … I’m still not convinced that I’m still sitting in the office … Where? When you’re busy..that is a bit overwhelming …


Girl- I am very busy all day, this is a convenience to stay busy, sleeping at night every day.


———- After ever__


Girl-beautiful color. Do not understand the office today? Have you come home today?


Boy – I returned home

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