February is the twenty-one day of the afternoon …

podmopukurblog-1519100193-7746b15_xlargeGerman-American Jawad Karim was involved with the establishment of YouTube. The first video uploaded on YouTube is also Jawawade. On the other hand, there was no Bangladeshi among the founding of the Mahatma, a solid American Mark Zuckerberg, and his four engagements. Yet, it seems that the American was able to understand the best in the creation of this five-page Facebook. And just 14 years after the start, Dhaka is now the second among Facebook users. The probability of being the first can not be ruled out. Highly popular Bangladeshi people will make Facebook the most, that was to happen. As a nation our ‘shown’ nature has completely ruined our national sentiments.


In the months that we have a day of consciousness, I personally feel very disappointed in those months. This is such as Ekushey February. Although emotionally, we say that we have fought for the movement of language alone in the world and have given life, the reality is that more and more people like Assam, like us, have fought the same struggle. That is another context. But after taking away the language rights through bloody movement, our lip-ling was meant to be high and firm like the Himalayas. But what is happening today! Ekushey February has now become an occasion for show-offs in our lives. The lobby business community has been doing business by promoting our origins. Business is the back of all things. There is no consciousness here, no emotion


During the campus, there were opportunities to work on the central martyrs in Ekushey February several times in the form of rowing. At that time I saw that there was much more futility than the ‘consciousness’ behind coming to the martyrs, in the face of the TV cameras. Lingapatam, love of those devotees at the time, there was nothing there. There was profit in profit – after almost twenty-one hours, after the duties of close together all the new lovers and lovers were formed.


Last week, I was coming to Dhaka from Chitra Express from Jessore. There was a family with two children in the 8 seat cabin. The little girl falls in standard tuition in an English school. Soon it became very familiar with him. Those who have traveled on Jessore-Dhaka train, know that this route takes so much time to train that at one stage it is compulsive to feel boring, why do not you come to the seat or lie in the cabin?

I heard a recitation of Bhabaniprasad Majumder in the mouth of the Sutpa banditapi.

This child once came to the extreme extent of the annoyance and strange thing is that, he started to be battered in Hindi after all this time except in Bengali. I’m not surprised at it. Generally, if people are drunk, the words that lie in their mind come out. Likewise, when the man gets angry, the words kept under his control still come out. The last thing happened to this girl. He got angry and the inside of his mind came out.


This image has now become so stupid that it is a fool to bring it as an example. Follow the status of Bangladeshi users in Facebook, see a large part of the status in Hindi. Hindi has entered into a chat with the rising children. And speaking in English is a matter of praise and praise. In the local bus or in the current route, at one stage of the quarrel, someone says, “Who are you, do you no?” There is a latent indication in this verse, I speak Bapu English, it’s up to you, you are going to argue with me, who are you idiot ..


This trend of getting a foreign language is not new. In the seventeenth century poet Abdul Hakim wrote:

Bangabani, who is barely born in the Hinges

He does not know the birth of all.

This situation was still there, but it was an attempt to win, and now the youngsters like this child are saying from the heart, from the mind.


It is said that poet writers are tricolor. The title of this writing was taken from a poem in a ceremony at the National Museum on the sixteenth or seventieth day, the famous poet Al Mahmud said, “The capital of the Bengali language will be covered in the near future” .. The good fortune of this great poet (!) Is that he knows if he is alive now Audacity has become blind, due to age, hearing is very weak, due to which the future of Bengali language can be translated into Bengali and Bangla language people of the country. Do not see or hear. Otherwise, leaving the illusion of the world without going to the sea and passing on the coast long ago.


As you know, in the 1950s, there was an ongoing mischief in the introduction of Bangla in Arabic, which Dr. Linguists, including Muhammad Shahidullah, were rejected in the face of strong opposition. But today we are writing that Bengali with beautiful English letters by sacrificing that spirit.


I heard a recitation of Bhabaniprasad Majumder in the mouth of the Sutpa banditapi. It goes very much with today’s writing. Both of them are people of Upper Bengal. Due to the huge pressure of Hindutva in the vast India, it is possible to flatten the condition of Bengal in Bengal. I visited Calcutta, the people of Kolkata, the crowd of people in the city. They want to do whatever they want. But why are we? We did not donate blood for the language?


A government official, Pioneer Abdus Salam, newly born Abdul Jabbar, a meritorious student of Dhaka University, Abul Barkat, Kareani Shafiur of the University and Rafiquddin, a meritorious student of Jagannath College, came from different classes of society, proved by their own life – Bengali will never accept the language of Benani. But today their descendants of these people are now getting elected without giving any thought to their own identity.


Once our artists sang the blood, the songs written by poets, poets wrote a struggling poem. Similarly, Poet Abu Jafar Obaidullah wrote a versatile poem-

Pumpkin swelling swelling

Wearing a pendant, the tree is full of thorns,

And mango


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