|| Insatiable spirit ||

If you die, one day everything will be gone …!
Your gesture, love-lies,
All the cruelty of little love, cruel world;
Everything will be finished in one day.
This world will be completely destroyed,
Nothing remains to be left
Remember, you will forget me …!
I will forget that any day-
I came to love in your life
On that day, you may say,
It’s a problem, goodbye ….
I’m not surprised at it.

I love you had trouble!
I did not understand – I was not worthy of you,
I do not love the poor, I do not understand …!
I do not understand, your sweet smile was in the mouth,
And in the heart was different, I thought- boring!
Imagine how to get rid of ‘Jhamla’.
I said – you will be without the darkness of the world.
Thought to laugh at the corner of the cheek –
Want to understand the life of Kharkha!
I did not understand the hidden in the heart,
Never thought of your thoughts;
Lose face and lips laughing repeatedly!

Your lies have begun to sink.
I love all of the heart
I wanted to make you my heart,
Like the foolish, I wanted to build a house of happiness;
The house of love for Parini tied.
I have lost
Otherwise you’ve lost your love,
I have failed in the intense of mind …!
I could not burn you in the fire of passion.

It was tied to the heart, Vivekan Sai did not!
I wish the desire and desire-
As a deposit,
You can not hold that deposit,
You’ve betrayed me …
I betrayed my faith,
You made me love less;
So today, the destruction of conscience-
Sitting sesame sesamea to death ….!
Why do you trust me ..?
Why can not you think that only the blossom!

Even today, listening to auditory,
Vibri Barichantia floats the mind of the mind;
Loving one’s heart will love
You want to be satisfied- satire-niyon!
Feeling of great depression leads to depression
Smile, you should go to the top of the chhatia.
Same cloud in the sky, the voice sheds,
Shower rain as much as the mind of the earth, no one can understand,
I know maybe you will never know that
You will not see, never understand
The book is still in front of you!

I’ll be dead someday.
I will not be thinking, from the world of absolute love;
One day in the unimaginable rule of life –
My way to death – the journey.
Do not forget, you forget the cruel world;
This love of my love will never end.
Do not think this love will die ….!
But yes, do not settle down to get you thirsty.
Just know, believe me or do not believe-
You will be surrounded by my insatiable soul.

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